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Welcome to
NewVida Church

Here you are, in the place that God had prepared for you.

NewVida is a place of new beginnings… it is a place of personal growth, acceptance and love and forgiveness for anyone who wishes to further investigate the statements of Jesus Christ (the love of God manifested through the death of His Son and His resurrection). 

NewVida... a place to believe, grow and belong.

NewVida is a Hispanic and Anglo-Saxon church.  Both languages are spoken and we celebrate the diversity of each Latin culture.  Our focus is Christ and we preach His redeeming work on the cross and the power of His resurrection.  Everyone is welcome!


of growth



...the NEW and the CURIOUS

"Come and see..." John 1:39

If you are curious about who Jesus Christ is, we want to invite you to explore this question with us.  The good news of God's love and what Jesus did for the entire world is shared every Sunday at NewVida Church.   Every Sunday, you will also be invited to receive the free gift of salvation through the sacrifice of Christ and the preaching of God's Word (the Bible). You are invited to participate in the class titled:  "Who is Jesus Christ?"  To participate in this class, register with the link marked "Register." In this class you will also learn about our history, what we believe; and, our Vision and Mission as a Christian congregation. the BELIEVER

"Come, follow me"  John 1:43


The invitation to believe becomes an invitation to follow. You are invited to be a disciple of Jesus Christ. We invite you to participate in the home meetings which we call "GuposVida". There, you will learn about your new identity in Christ and you will be invited to be baptized and be a disciple identified with the Body of Christ (Your local and worldwide church). the WORKER

"...I will make you fisherman..."  Matthew 4:19


The call that Jesus makes to us is the call to serve others. Being a fisher of people is using all the tools to point others to the love of God. We invite you to get involved in local church work and join church teams such as Youth, Ushers, Sound and more!

disciple makers

"the one who perseveres in Me will bear much fruitJohn 15:5


The call to discipleship is for everyone and is the mark that Christ lives in us. Where there is life, there is new birth, growth and reproduction. "Go" is also for those who have the desire and calling to lead a VidaGroup, go on missions or plant a church.

Pastoral Counseling

Find guidance and support through our counseling service at NewVida Church. We offer biblically-based counseling to help you navigate life's challenges and find peace and direction. Our trained counselors provide orientation and guidance in a safe and confidential space. Let us help you find the path to a fulfilling life.

"mis pensamientos"

Pastor Fabio Frigolé

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